Grow Flowers in Your Little One’s Headspace

Guide to help your child grow a creative mind and induce innovative ideas

The best age to stretch your mental horizons is, of no doubt, the age of the children. This is because young minds are soft and moldable- they can grasp a lot of new ideas as well as use them to inspire themselves to create more . It is therefore believed that a little guidance can be of tremendous help to your child’s little mind to grow flowers in them and paint mental canvasses in endless colours. 

Creativity is a lifelong skill that is demanded from an individual throughout his life. A creative individual does better at art, projects, and even academics (coming up with smart ideas to study) right from childhood. The individual grows up to be better at work as most jobs demand new ideas and he is seen nailing much of life challenges when he is street-smart- practically intelligent and creative. These reasons justify why you should be helping your child grow his creativity in time. Here are thus a few tips on how to go about with it-

  1. Give them a play space- The idea here is not to build a separate toy room or a play zone for your little one but to keep a space for them to feel brave thinking and creating in. Pasting a disposable canvas on one of a room’s walls is thus a great idea for a free space where your child can freely go on. 
  1. Dont cut on their play time- Another important thing to remember is to not always cut short of their play time and force your little one’s heads between the books. “All work and no play makes Jack a dumb boy” and will therefore be a hinderance in helping him grow his horizons. 
  1. Let them explore good movies, series, videos and dramas- Art is one of the best inspirations to creativity. When your child picks genres that he enjoys, he would soon be too furnished in knowledge about these same topics. His ideas rise from what he learns from seeing and he is exposed to ideas from around the world as he explores his taste. Videos help him learn a lot.
  1. Expose your child to good music- It is very important to expose your child to good quality music. Make him listen to good songs not only from his generation but also classics of your time. Music uplifts the soul, helps concentrate better and goes a long way in helping boost creativity. As your child absorbs more, he creates more. 
  1. Let him enroll into the hobby class of his choice- Let your child explore himself to the most he wishes to. Make him join the guitar or the dance class he was always asking for and this is sure to help burst creative bubbles within him. But the key here is to make sure he chooses the class he wants admission to and you do not put him into the class of your choice which he absolutely dislikes! 

These are thus, some useful ideas to guide you to work on building your child to his truest potentials. Good luck and Happy Parenting! 

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