Googo- The Pig

Bedtime story for TinyTots

Goggo was a happy pig living with his mom and dad. He had many friends. But Goggo was a naughty pig too. He used to not forgive his friends. He stopped talking to them when he would get angry with them. Goggo kept being angry at his friends for small things. His friends loved Goggo but he never understood. His parents kept telling him to be good but he did not listen to them. 

Goggo Pig stopped talking to Moguu Parrot when she told him to be nice. They were friends for years. Moguu Parrot was very sad when Goggo stopped talking to her. 

God saw Gogoo being a very bad pig and wanted to teach him. He told all of Gogo’s friends o not talk to him until he realizes his mistake. Gogoo was not ready for this new change. He got crazy and soon started weeping. He realized the importance of his friends. 

He said sorry to God and promised to be a good pig from now on. God was happy now, he told his friends to start talking to him. Goggo became a good pig and God loved him so much. He treated his friends nicely. He and his friends lived happily ever after. 

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