Fun-time Needs

Importance of Sports and Games for your child’s growth and development

Taking part in outdoor games is an extremely healthy habit to ensure that your child is free of stress, fit and healthy all at the same time. Their bodies get stronger, their social skills boost, they have better confidence and they get happier in life- these are also some of the many benefits that sports can get for your child. Every school has games and sporting activities that students take part in as co-curricular activities. Students get many benefits by participating in games and sports in school.

Here are some reasons why you should be encouraging your child to take part in these games and sports activities-

  1. Physical Health- The first obvious benefit of outdoor activities is the boost in physical health. Your child will have a fitter body. They would develop the stamina to run extra miles and they would also become stronger than before. Some amount of physical activities ensure that your little one’s body functions at its best and he/she is away from illnesses.
  2. Mental Health- Along with physical health, sports and games also ensure that your child develops a very healthy headspace. Physical activity is said to increase the levels of dopamine-happy hormones in the body that will keep them free from strains. This ensures good mental health as they are also distracted from bothering thoughts.
  3. Discipline- Your child learns some really great morals when he/she indulges in games and sports. Learning to abide by rules makes them more disciplined in life. They learn to not take failures or success to their heart and live at peace in both these circumstances. 
  4. Personality Development- Games and sports can go a great way to ensure that your child develops great personality traits. They learn sportsman spirit, learn to respect fellow mates, learn to work efficiently in a team, learn to focus and so much more. There are multiple ways in which games and sports help in development of your child, teaching them good morals. 
  5. Boosting Self-confidence- Scoring a goal, hitting a six or winning a race not only makes a student happy but also boosts their confidence. Performing in front of a crowd which is constantly noticing your each and every move can be quite unnerving. But a sportsperson is one with focus, patience, the right amount of confidence having a never-say-die attitude.

These are thus a few reasons why children should go outdoor and spend quality hours playing. Go ahead and encourage them for the same now.

Cheers to Happy Parenting!

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