Step by Step Guide To Getting Started With The PikaPika App

PikaPika App is your child’s online watchdog to help take care of all his digital activities in a secure manner.

The world of PikaPika App is a wonderful place in itself for your little ones to have fun, to educate themselves, to keep away from harmful online content and at the same time to expose them endlessly to our healthy games and video libraries. PikaPika App is your child’s online watchdog to help take care of all his digital activities in a secure manner. The app also ensures that your smartphone’s privacy is unhindered even if you share it with your little one. teaching you how to put parental control on android for your kid’s safety. The benefits are endless.

Recommended by more than 20 mom influencers and used by more than 5000 parents from around the world this amazing app is definitely worth a try. Thus, here is your personal guide to let your child into the colorful and fun world of PikaPika. 

  1. The first step is downloading the app from the Play Store. 
  1. Then you click on the yellow icon of the app for the PikaPika world to start. 
  1. Secure(Sky Blue)- Discover(Yellow-orange)- Peace of Mind(Blue) are the three slides you encounter at the very beginning and you click on “Let’s get Started” from the bottom-right corner of the last slide (Blue).
  1. The next step is to enter your Email ID which will be used as your login id for the app. Verify your account with an OTP that would be sent to the email account you signed in with.
  1. You pick the subscription that suits you.

Use our coupon code and use the app for a trial period of 30 days.

Use your digital safety card and redeem with your coupon code

  1. Enter your child’s Name and Age. 

It is to be noted that your child’s personal details are asked only to share the age-appropriate content for them. 

  1. Set a 4-digit Security Pin, which only you will know and will be used to close the app. Re-enter and confirm
  1. Answer one of the security questions.This is a Security Pin substitute. 
  1. Select the apps you would want to give your child access to and click on “Next”
  1. Congratulations! You have made it to the world of PikaPika.
  1. Let your kid browse through PikaTV and PikaGames and enjoy.
  1. Click on Parent Mode for your assistance.

Click “Exit” to leave the app. Enter the Security Pin and move out of the app. 

Click on Setting to Manage your child’s profile, add kid’s profile, change the Security Pin or to get reports on your child’s phone usage.

For complete app setup process click on the link below-

There you go; enjoy using our services. Follow this step by step guide to start using this super-cool app.

Happy Parenting!

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