Bed-time Story for Kids


Raghu was an old man living in a town far north, near the hills. He was known by everyone in the village. Raghu’s skin was sparkling all the time and this is why he was famous in the town. All the people were going crazy to understand what he did to achieve that skin. People started rubbing glitter powder over their body over and over but the powder would just fall off the body. Some tried to bathe 5 times in the day and scrub their skin with the wildest of berries and herbs. Nothing seemed to ever work.

All the people look curiously at Raghu-the old man and they would get surprised to see him not make any such efforts as the other men attempting to be like him made. Raghu was just silently observing everybody and smiling. The people went on to spy on him as they started thinking that he’d probably be keeping some big secrets. They just saw him eat and sleep and play normally, and they could not find anything extra in his day.

The struggle to sparkling skin was a big one nevertheless. Many villagers got skin infections rubbing wild herbs thinking that they’d achieve the good skin from it. All this was in vain. Tired of it all, finally the villagers decided to go and ask Raghu directly on his secrets.

What Raghu explained shocked everybody- His secret lay in his simple life. Raghu’s skin shone because of what he ate and how he slept perfectly, not how he rubbed crazy things on his body. “You are what you eat,” said Raghu, and went home smiling, munching on a sparkling apple!  

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