A Different Childhood

The real-life story of a Heroin Addict

“It was frustrating inside the room. They made me sleep all day. I was asked to sweep floors and cook and clean. I was giving up each day” 

 This was the last line Jazz told the kids that came to interview him. These kids were of his age- learning and educating, looking at him as a mere patient. There was a sense of deep pain set in Jass’s eyes that entire evening. 

It was no wonder that some of his mates saw this coming- He ran out of the rehab the next morning. No one knew where he was. That was the end of Jazz’s story- 19 and missing for two months now.

The story began somewhere else though. Amidst the hills, in his schooling days. Much of the information on Jazz’s initial life came from the interview he sat on, the day prior to running away. Jazz belonged to a rich family and had much of a sheltered upbringing. He was an amazing stuntman and was one of those who could chase passion to death. He hit fame at a very early age with his spectacular performances across the country. 

His life as a stuntman gave him the peace he missed back home, with his family. His mom struggled all her life with domestic violence issues but did not ever take charge and fought. Justin grew up believing how there could be no way to solve all of that. He instead took to stunting and his parents could not be bothered less. 

He grew apart but loved the calm. But storms set into his life as the show he prepared for, nearly a year, disqualified him at the last round as his competitors weaved a masterplan to get him out of the way. Nothing helped him calm down his inner rages.

He knew how his support base was non-existence and instead he decided to build one. He took his first dose of heroin at age 17, inside his own bathroom. Jazz recollects how bubbles of peace burst through his entire body. He found his escape. 

In no time, Justin’s parents found out what was going on with their child. They instead threatened him against stealing money and spending a lot rather than helping him get over his addiction or try to find the reasons why he started about. Jazz continued with his addictions for two more years while his parents yet kept only blaming each other for their child’s downfall.

He started peddling drugs, got caught, stole money, sold half the goods in his house, got hepatitis C, lost 20 kilos and then one morning- ended in a rehab! 

He could never ride a bike again

He could never go home again

He could never find his life back nor could anyone find him…

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