Importance Of Parenting

Bond of heartbeats….. Parenting

Without heartbeats we can’t live same as without parents we can’t survive.

Parenting means caring their love, their way of up bringing for their babies, kids, children.

At any age of human we learn lessons every time to survive to handle any situation

And how we learn lessons, just because of our parents. Our parents help us in upbringing our mind, our thoughts, our feelings, since our birth.

For upbringing, our parents create some situations,and when we clear, we solve the situation that means we clear some stages of our life which is very important to survive.

Parenting is not a job, and its not easy.

Its too difficult and hard at the sametime. How our parents do this, lets talk

When a baby start speaking, parents help to improve their words

When a baby start walking, parents create ways for baby to run there.

Same as when we are in problem, and we face a tough situation that time our parent’s lesson help us to solve this.

And when our parents do lots of thing for our upbringing it takes efforts and its too difficult.

And its not only difficult for humans its difficult also for animals like an animal putting many lives on its own to care for its children. Its too hard.

The presence of parents enlightens our way.

But have you ever wondered how those who do not have parents, how their lives are possible, how to nurture them, who will teach them important lessons of Their life which only parents can give. Its really sad and its really really difficult. Because they have a heart but don’t have a beating beats in that hearts.

Parents and parenting may be harsh but their love for us is behind them.

There is never any discrimination in parenting. boy or girl, Poor or rich have equal parenting.

A single mother can do parenting or a single father also can do parenting. When you reach the height of the himalaya and your feet are attached to the ground, it means you have got everything in your life and when ever you have no pride that means your parents parenting is truly successful.

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