A Guide To The World Of Kids Movies

 The list of movies that are sure to be your little one’s favourite in no time.

As much as education, books or physical activities, what your growing child needs is ample of monitored screen time to expose him to the world of amazing movies where your child opens up to the bigger world of countless ideas and genres. Movies can indeed be a great source to help give your kids a picture of the real and the bigger world outside, which he has to deal with, as he grows up. 

It is of no doubt that the first movies your child needs exposure to should be the ones you absolutely enjoyed as a kid yourself. Classics build in stronger bases for the development of great movie taste for your child later as it also gives them the thrive to explore movies across time and place. Your little one, further gets a vague idea of life from years ago, when he is exposed to such movies. It is also not true that kids will necessarily find old movies boring. 

When they are done with a fair quota of your favourites, we move on to our list of the best movies which we think are must-watch for your kids. These include some of the very popular child fictions over the internet.

  1. Charlie And The Chocolate Factory- One movie that has the ability to touch in parts of every child’s inner desires is this. Children’s love for chocolates finds the perfect picturisation in chocolate fountain, chocolate rivers, trees and hills- a world made of chocolate is the setting of the entire movie. This masterpiece deals with the story of the young kid Charlie who wins a ticket to this magical land and undergoes an amazing adventure inside the place. 
  1. Home Alone Series- This is another series of great work, including five movies filled with absolute humour. The touch of fear and suspense in the movie is also well balanced with the absolute fun element- giving the watchers a lesson to not try and defy their parents, wanting to be alone and at the same time to be a brave, smart kid when the need arises.
  1. Despicable Me- Another adorable kid movie to go nuts about would be this one. The best part about Despicable Me is that the entire movie is filled with tiny, yellow, happy and really cute minions that kids absolutely love. This is a 3D, computer animated comedy which also successfully stirs in a lot of emotions in the watchers, with its adorable and sentimental ending. 
  1. The Little Mermaid- This movie has been a personal favourite amongst the very long list of little girl’s favourite movies. The Little Mermaid is a special movie because the love story in the movie comes up with a very strong message. The movie ends with The mermaid agreeing to lose her voice to get legs to go live with her lover- Prince Eric. This animated, child centric movie leaves the lesson of love needing real sacrifices- which can teach kids larger than life lessons amidst fun cartoon video.
  1. Alice in Wonderland- This movie has been in the list of absolute kids favourites for years now. The love for this classic has not shifted even a bit as kids even today, absolutely love and enjoy this innocent children movie. The movie is taken from the very popular book by Lewis Carroll and deals with the adventures of little Alice who reaches wonderland- following a rabbit. In wonderland, all  her wishes come true and she reaches her true destiny. This movie gives only hope to all the little children to go realise their destiny and keep looking for their wonderlands. 
  1. The DC Series- This group of movies are taken from the very famous comic series called DC. Each movie in the series is worth a watch and is filled with absolute thrill and action. Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern etc are the most famous movies in this series. 
  1. The Marvel Series- Much like the DC series, the Marvel Series include a list of very popular movies that have been children’s favourite for years now. The most famous Marvel movies include Avengers, Captain Marvel, Iron Man, Ant-Man, Spiderman, Thor etc. 
  1. The Disney Movies- The last set of movies your child needs to binge on should definitely be on the list of disney movies. These include some of the most amazing kids movies of all time. The graphics, animation, the characters and the story are all on point and very brilliant. The best disney movies include Mulan, The Lion King, Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast etc.

This is thus your very own guide, to the best movies your great parenting will give your kids exposure to. With the role of parents and the  role of teachers, the overall development of the child also depends on his exposure to the right art and cultural depictions. 

Happy Parenting you all!

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