Cleanliness Tips for Toddlers

Good habits that ensure your child stays hygienic and healthy 

With roads filled with cars, walking down lanes filled with workplaces and factories and the air quality going down by the day, it becomes impossible to keep one completely clean- away from dust,pollution or dirt. In this scenario, it becomes very important to keep your kids clean and teach them to be clean otherwise, to make sure the degrading quality of life around, does minimum harm to them. Personal hygiene is an important topic to teach kids about. The instilling of healthy habits ensure that they lead healthy lives even later, when they grow up. This is why an early and the right start becomes very necessary. 

Keeping oneself clean not only benefits your child physically- keeping him away from diseases but also boosts their social life and overall well-being. There are numerous reasons to why your kid should be taught cleanliness habits. 

Here is thus a tiny guide with the basics to begin with. 

  1. Keep your body clean- The first thing to begin with is to teach them to shower regularly- clean their bodies. These also include other important habits like washing their faces from time to time and keeping hands and feet clean. When dust and bacteria is away, they protect themselves from risk of sickness. 
  2. Wash hands and feet when they come back from outside- This tip needs not much explanation. When kids play outside they come in direct contact with dust and dirt. Washing their hands and feet along with their face is the first thing they should be doing when they come back home after their playtime. 
  3. Wear clean clothes- This tip is also very important for kids.They should be taught to wear only neat and tidy clothes. This habit will not only ensure cleanliness but tidy clothes give an impression of a disciplined person and increases chances of social acceptance. 
  4. Clean and polished shoes- Some article on making great first impressions talked about how shoes are one of the things people notice about you in the first time. Shoes are carry much of dirt and bacteria as they are in contact with the dusty roads. Clean-polished shoes does become more of a necessity. 
  5. Trimmed hair and nails- Hair and the nails are the parts of the body that grow back from time to time and need attention. They need to be trimmed from time to time. Long and untrimmed nails risk holding in dirt. Long hair risk growth of head lices. In either case, trimming and maintainanxe is a must to ensure hygiene. 

This are thus some basic areas your child needs to learn cleanliness for. As your little one learns the value of neat and clean living you would be shocked to see them grow as disciplined individuals. This guide is the initial step to start with. 

Cheers to Healthy Kids and Happy Parenting! 

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