Superfoods Your Child Must Be Eating

Eating healthy is the first step in staying healthy

The right food provides the body with the nutrition to stay healthy and function well. Eating healthy is very important for growing kids because of the intense amount of energy they require to run errands, work and play. It should be watched that their bodies get the right amount of nutrients and that their meals are balanced so that they can always be healthy and happy. 

It is a big part of parenting to ensure that your child is eating everything that he needs for survival and growth. Along with energy, a lot of Superfoods are nesessary for children because they are in their growing stage- the body requires energy to help physical changes in the body too. Without the proper nutrition all these nesessary functions will be hindered.

Here is thus a tiny guide to the things that your little one should be surely consuming for their good health. 

  1. Greens- This is one thing that children keep running away from. Make sure you cheat a little but then make your kids indulge in these vitamin rich vegetables. They are surely going to be very beneficial for your child.
  2. Meat/Eggs/Soya- This is to ensure that your child received the needed proteins for muscle development. Meat and eggs can be of great help for non vegetarian people but vegetarians can find protein alternatives likewise.  
  3. Fruits- It is advisable for kids to eat a fruit a day. This not only ensures sugars but that the kids get their daily dose of vitamins. Fruits are packed with all the good nutrients they need to grow. 
  4. Milk- Make it a habit that your child drinks a glass of this magic liquid a day. Milk is considered a meal in itself for it is packed with most of the nutrients in the foodchart. The calcium in milk also strengthen their bones and teeth.
  5. Nuts- Nuts are packed with all the good fat your children would require for good skin and hair. Healthy fats ensure good health and glow in the skin. Nuts like almonds, walnuts etc should be regularly consumed. 
  6. Dark Chocolate- As the list gets too boring, give your kids a needed treat- like dark chocolate. They are extremely healthy and are said to boost brainpower too. The best part is that your kids will love it! 
  7. Vegetables- A healthy serving of vegetables everyday is must for a growing child. No matter that kids eat junk all day, make sure a part of their meal includes steamed vegetables of all kinds, to provide the body with needed nutrients. 
  8. Whole-wheat- This is not something that they need to directly consume but it is wise if your kids start getting their carbs from whole-wheat sources like pastas and breads instead of processed flours. This will ensure better health and more energy at the same time. 

These are some of the things your child should be eating. Hope this list is of some help. Alternatively try to keep kids away from junk eating all the time and make sure they eat more home cooked meals. 

Cheers to Good Health and Happy Parenting! 

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