Tiny creative DIY ideas for your unruly little one

Smart ideas to easily tackle all his stubborn conducts

“Ever just wanted to give up trying on your little one who seems to completely disagree to listen, no matter how much you try? “ You are not alone.

Young children are often known for their unshaken adamance which becomes quite a difficult task for parents trying to instill in them- the morals, discipline, and values they think are important. The struggle does not end easy for those of you still making the same mistakes again and again and wanting the result to change. As the days change, the ways change too. So why not step into their shoes when you have to go ahead and monitor and parent them better? So here we bring to you a list of some of the most creative ways you could use to control your unruly little one without all the hassle.

  1. Party popper ruins fun: Is your child always on his way out? No matter how much you try and control, your child seems to always be searching for ways to sneak out to the nearby playground or to a ride with his friends. This sometimes becomes a great worry when he/she is unwilling to consider time and situations. The easy and convenient way to ease yourself from the trouble of guarding the door all the time is to just install a party popper at the front door without them knowing about it, so that the next time they try and sneak, they are greeted with a fun yet shocking surprise waiting for them, enough to make them understand that they’re still on a check.
  1. Tired of him/her always messing up with your phone data? Another common problem parents are tired of tackling is protecting their phones from their little devils. Kids of the century have this attraction towards technology and it seems almost impossible  to keep them away from smartphones and gadgets. Using their parents’ phones, they often have records of deleting important files, calling important contacts or just messing around with text messages. The creative way out here is to take help from new-age innovative apps like the Pikapika that help keep your personal data on your phone safe from your kids, while they browse freely of data that help them grow and develop.
  2. A house where a child lives, needs no other mark then the walls scribbled in coloured crayons making abstract art. It is of no doubt that you must have gotten tired by now of repainting or whitewashing or even telling your little one to stop. Protecting your walls from damage can be achieved by this simple hack- Paste a canvas till the height he/she could reach. And it’s that simple- they will paint endless characters and never get bored. Just make sure you replace the canvas from time to time before they move their art to your precious walls. 
  1. Ever heard of positive reinforcement? Psychology talks about the power of rewarding to help develop appealing characters in your little one. Here is another tiny secret that parents need to know about. You could very well keep a little chocolate bank on your top shelf and fill it with treats they absolutely love. Now give them one of those each time you see them act good. You will be surprised to watch them want to better themselves, without a constant nudge.
  2. Is your kid one of those fussy eaters? No doubts that you are worried all the time if your child is actually getting all the nutrients he needs for growth. You can cheat a little here and go ahead bake him his favorite pizza but hide broccoli or carrot bits under the layers of cheese. Not only will he eat it all up but relish each bite he takes. The internet is filled with an abundance of these recipes designed just for your kid to eat well and stay healthy.

Now that you know the secrets to being a great parent without your kid actually getting any hint about it, we suggest you give these suggestions a try. 

Happy Parenting!

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