How our Online Games Help Develop Cognitive Skills in Your Child

The World of PikaPika App- How our Online Games Help Develop Cognitive Skills in Your Child 

Games on PikaPika App are carefully curated and developed to help develop cognitive skills in your child.

Can’t find the right kid’s learning app for your child? Look no more- Gift your child the magical world of PikaPika to browse from our endless collection of offline and online games for kids which come with a promise to help them grow and develop their brains while they play and enjoy. Wondering how? The PikaPika app brings to you a list of custom-made games just for your little one. These games are carefully curated and developed to help develop cognitive skills in your child. 

Designed primarily for kids between 3 to 12 years of age, the app has a series of appropriate games for the age group. 

  1. Maths is fun- The first group of games to talk about include basic addition-subtraction games which will help your little one develop friendly bonds with the numbers. Games like Alien Addiction and Minus Mission are some of the games that come with the promise to help your child get better in academic subjects like Math. 
  1. Learn Alphabets and words- The second group includes games related to alphabets and words. The content of the game changes based on your child’s age- toddlers are taught basic alphabets that they need to learn at school, and as a kid’s age increases, words, and sentences taught to the child are according to the language skills they have acquired and they further need to develop.
  1.  Match and make games help your kids know the world around them- This game comes with images of animal characters that your child needs to match pieces of. The games go a long way for the development of logic in your child as they learn to match pieces and make full images out of a part of it. 
  1. Help them remember better- PikaPika comes with a set of games to boost your child’s memory. These memory games are basic -level games with objects of daily encounter. As your child learns to remember more and more objects from these groups, he develops the cognition to remember more things in general. The development of memory power later goes on to be a great strength for your growing kid.
  1. The last mention in the list is our Drag and Drop game- Drag And Drop helps develop more focus in your kid as they learn to concentrate for a longer span of time and pay better attention to selected details. This skill needs more practice for a child as young people are often known for their easily diverting attention. 

These above-mentioned games are just some of the many educational activities your child is going to get from our array of ‘fun and learn’ section. What are you waiting for? Download our app today and invest only in fun and safe kid’s education.

Happy Parenting! 

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