THE MAN OF MY LIFE – The living account from a single parent

“I was 18 when I found him. The guy of my dreams stepped into my life early in my teenage years.“ This was Jinna, a 32-year-old, a happy mother to her child Tejwan. Tejwan was a young boy, six-year-old now, extremely sweet and beautiful. Jinna narrates her beautiful tale of finding back her love, her life, and her breath after storms from a few years back, that uprooted her life from its base. Her eyes twinkle and her voice breaks as she narrates further. 

“My love for Mannu saw no borders. The first love felt so strong down to my bones that I was almost fully submerged into him. I did not see life further. He was the only man I’ve been with and the only love I ever had ” Jinna narrates her wild, limitless love for her college sweetheart and how early in life she planned on getting married to him and settling down with him. She saw so much in him, and then there were teenage hormones making her see not one fault in her partner. This was in the truest sense, yet another sweet teenage love story.

The storms flew in right before their marriage preparations when Jinna’s family found out secrets about Mannu that she had no clue of. A wave of shock spread across both the families as soon Jinna announced her pregnancy. Her family speaks only then- of multiple affairs, gambling and alcohol addictions that her lover had kept hidden from her. The poor girl broke her heart.

She saw her life dismantle right in front of her eyes. She talks of it as an age of absolute confusion where she lived under constant pressure to quit the marriage and abort the baby inside her. At the same time, a deep sense of loneliness, dejection, and depression engulfed her from all ends and there seemed no way for hopes to seep in now.

She, nevertheless, chose to be a rebel. Amidst constant pressure and nudging, she did not wash the baby out but rather raised her beautiful little boy- Tejwan, being a happy single mother.

She recollects with happy tears of how much ease her baby brought, as it opened doors to her, for sunshine to let into her life. Jinna indeed has an extremely happy parenting story to share.

 “Why do I need a husband now when my son is the man in my life,” Jinna says smiling.

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