The Little Maestros

How to nurture your children’s talents and help them grow

From a very tiny age, kids develop favor for some activities over others- in time they get better in certain hobbies or activities and get passionate about them. No wonder kids are born with their own superpowers and each of them is good in something or the other. Nurturing their special talents is important because this goes on to add to the child’s self-esteem and confidence later in life. It is also necessary to nurture a hobby that keeps them happy. These are only a few of the many reasons why they should hold onto their special skills and furnish them. 

One of the wisest things you can do as a parent is to help your child as he goes on to find and keep his talents. Here is a little guide to help you through-

  1. Help him find his hobbies– Do not force your child to a Saturday salsa class when he clearly seems to have no interest in it. The first step in helping your child find his hobbies is not to restrict him whatsoever. Let your kid do everything he wants to or join the craziest of classes. In the end, he will come out with activities that drive him and make him truly happy.
  2. Find him some classes and help– The next thing you could really do to help your child is by finding him the right classes where he can practice and develop his talents further. So if you see him develop a little something for the piano, don’t think much and google all the piano classes nearby, find him the perfect teacher and let him go on.
  3. Spend time being a part of his hobbies– Another great help you could be doing as a parent is by being there when your child is practicing. The next time he is playing the guitar, just sit by his side and be his awesome audience. Or if your child loves playing basketball, why not play a match with him! 
  4. Expose him to the best artist in the field- When your child develops a fondness for a particular hobby and is on his way to learn and thrive it, you can really help by making sure he learns from the best. When he is learning acting from an average teacher, he will end up learning only average acting, no matter how much time he devotes to the teacher. He will be learning way more in quality and quantity if he observes oscar-winning acting clips for a while. 
  5. Keep him motivated- The best thing you could do in nurturing your kid’s hobbies is by helping them through their pangs of demotivation. Even if they are really good at their own game, performers undergo phases of low confidence and blockages where they do not perform their usual good. This is the time where you need to boost up their confidence and make them believe that they can!

These are thus some basic ways that can do wonders in letting your child’s skills develop. You could be their driving force and who knows if they turn out to be the next Picasso or the next Kobe Bryant! 

Cheers to Happy Parenting!

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