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A Guide to kid’s education on self-esteem 

Childhood in itself is an age set on a roller-coaster, where your little ones embark on an individual journey of inner growth. Most often these occurring changes can just be too much for them to handle. The mad hormonal rush also puts them on the pedestrial to deal with an array of confusing emotions that can sometimes damage them from within too even if they are under parental control. Self-esteem issues have been identified as one of the most common yet reoccurring issues growing kids face.

Children from a very young age become victims or parts of a mad race. Starting from their birth, they are put on comparison with their same-age cousins, then their school pals, neighbor’s kids or any other kid of their age, all working against the right kid’s education. They somehow live under the pressure to be better more than good. A growing child mostly faces self- esteem issues relating to their physical appearance, physical competence- sports and games, Academic competence and their social competence or ability to make more friends.

 Issues with physical appearance still go on to be the worst enemy for growing kids. With the world of endless Tumblr-inspired photos, photoshopped curves and the world swiping right over only people with good looks, young children take up and start believing hollow ideas of physical appearance to be very important for healthy survival. These ideas soon penetrate into their esteem, and thus the problems surface up.  

When young kids base their self-esteem on something as temporary as good looks, they give tremendous power to the people around them to play with their self-esteem. These young kids grow up to be adults with self-esteem issues who are very less confident with themselves. Giving others the power to control their own self-esteem can be a dangerous idea in itself for the world runs on crazy manipulation, and in a world like ours, people identify broken self esteems in very less time. People who struggle with self-esteem issues, thus find themselves questioning their own self-worth with each time something bad happens to them.  This is a very unhealthy practice in itself. 

Alternatively, what your parenting can help with is in teaching growing kids the importance of self-love. There have been endless quotes on self-love for growing children but what is taught less about is about how to go about with it. The best parenting tip could be to tell your kid that the physical appearance of a person is sure to fade in time- and is going to be similar for them, all their friends and even their super-attractive crush. Instead, with a solid parent-child talk, you could help your child base their self-esteem on more concreate ideas like the building of a knowledge base and a moral-ethical belief system.

A knowledgebase is developed when your child is exposed to a variety of books across time and place dealing with different topics. As they explore new ideas, they find the ones that move them and the ones that aid the development of their belief system. Knowledge is something that isn’t, as floating as the physical appearance of a person and thus basing self-esteem on your knowledge, can keep your confidence unaffected from people and circumstances. A belief system is also something that does not fade away quickly and can thus aid in your child’s stance and confidence. These two are the best factors to go about with, for they are sure to bend your child’s faulty thought patterns in the right direction and thus, the role of parents to help kick off their child’s self-esteem issues is successful!

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