The Goodnight Time Habits

Healthy Bedtime Habits To Teach Your Kids

Childhood is indeed the best time to nurture habits in individuals. This is because these habits are sure to last a lifetime when incorporated in life at an early age. Young minds are more moldable as they adapt ideas better and quicker. This is why your child needs to be taught healthy habits at an early age. 

Bedtime is one of those times where a child could to taught to do little with these habits. A healthy sleep-time means that your child gets good quality sleep where he does not wakes up in the middle. Some healthy practices also aid good sleep-others to ensure a better life. 

Here are thus some of the habits you should teach your child that he could follow before going to bed-

  1. Brush Your Teeth- The first habit that your little one needs to develop is to brush his teeth after dinner before he is ready to hit the bed. It saves his teeth from cavities as left food particles from dinner’s meal could stick into his teeth which bacteria would feed upon. Personal cleanliness is a very important idea to teach children about. 
  1. Wash your face, hands, and feet- This is another idea on personal cleanliness that kids need to be taught about. The entire day, the child is exposed to dust, pollution and dirt so getting it off the body before sleeping ensures that they have good skin and are away from skin infections.
  1. Pray to God- Instilling faith in your children is another important idea. Your child should be taught to pray to god, ask for forgiveness for their sins and have faith for better things in life. This habit developed at a young age is going to be of tremendous help as your child grows up. He will learn to trust God and keep faith in adverse conditions which will keep him hopeful in life.
  1. Early to Bed- Another important habit to develop in kids is to make sure they sleep early at night. This not only ensures that they get plenty of hours to sleep but also that they can wake up early for a long and productive day. This habit helps them later in life oo, as half the adults in the world fight insomnia already!
  1. No gadgets before sleep- Make sure you nurture the healthy habit of keeping your children away from screens of laptops, TVs or mobile phones before they go to sleep. This not only saves them from addictions but also ensures that their eyesight is fine.

These are thus some of the habits your little one can develop early and follow. Once he gets used to these, he is surely going to thank your thoughtful parenting later in life. 

Cheers to Happy Parenting! 

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