The Favourite Uncle

Role of Open- Communication in Parent-Child Relationship

Gesture of silence, abused boy holding by man crying

Radhika couldn’t put her smile away even for a moment. Her favourite uncle was here after years. 

She saw him the last time as a little girl of 4, and he had been away ever since, living 10 long years of his life in the States, working and earning. Radhika kept missing all the time her uncle devoted to take her out, buy her everything she wanted and to listen to everything she had to talk about. She dearly missed being understood ever since she had left.

All her happy past memories flashed before her eyes.  She shut off from the world completely after he had gone. There was absolutely nothing wrong she felt in her parent’s parenting yet she could never open up to them nor she never tried to.Now, finally, she felt like her world had returned to her

Meeting her uncle after years, Radhika received a lot of gifts that evening- from toys to chocolates, clothes and a lot more. She could not be more delighted. Her uncle too, seemed amused seeing the little kid grow up now, with long brown locks and beautiful green eyes. He could not stop admiring how beautiful the little girl has grown now. 

Both of them spent countless hours together, much like the old times, and her uncle would never stop with how nice a girl Radhika was. He kept showering gifts and loads of love to her. 

In 10 days, he flew back to his workplace. Radhika here, did not seem to do well. She shut down completely this time and she started to look immensely sad and sick. Her parents saw this coming and took it to be her expression of missing her dear uncle. They did not try and ask but waited for their girl to get better in time.

The girl though, kept growing sicker until one night when she was choking in pain and wailing out. She was taken to the hospital. Her parents were terrified but could not get a hint of what was wrong. The reports talked of multiple marks on the girl’s body, some of self harm, some from inflicted violence by someone else. The doctor told Radhika’s parents how there were traces of abuse on the girl’ body and she suffered pain and trauma.

Finally after months of torture, both mental and physical- the girl opens up about the sexual abuse she suffered for 10 long days under the uncle’s eyes. She talks about the great pain and horrors she endured and all of these left her parents only speechless.

Calls were blocked from the other end- Radhika’s uncle had made sure there could be no way to contact him. The signs seemed so clear now. Radhika’s parents felt so sorry for all that their little girl had to go through, even though they were right there for her. 

The girl took months to recover from the mental state she had gone into. Her parents filed an fir against her uncle. They learned really tough lessons on communication at the same time.

Initiating healthy parent-kid talk is indeed a very underrated parenting duty.

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