The Blue Whale Game

A report on 2016’s one of the most searched words and craziest challenges

The years starting from 2016 saw a wave of moral concern sweep through the world, as the news of teenage suicides kept being increasingly reported from around the world. Suicide experts, on observation of some common patterns gave the world some shocking pieces of information. 

The Blue Whale Challenge was the name of an insane game found over social media platforms that has been causing all the deaths. It is not one of the downloadable softwares but one enters the game via secret routes through social media groups. With much shock, further information about the game was found- the players who chose to play The Blue Whale game were asked to do a series of tasks that spread over a period of 50 days. The task included as simple work as waking up early or taking a walk but goes into more serious tasks inducing self-harm in kids. The players need to take pictures of them performing each of the tasts and send these pictures as proofs.The last task in the series asks the player to commit suicide. This was all the initial information experts had about the game. 

This spread around like a wave of shock, pretty soon. 150 incidents of teenage deaths were related to the game but none of them were confirmed with proof, to be caused from the game.

 In 2016, Filipp Budeykin, a ‘curator’ of the challenge, was arrested for aiding suicides. The 22-year-old who later pleaded guilty said the victims were “biological waste” and that he was “cleansing society”. The game was reportedly first started by a group of Russians. 

Countries including India made strict rules to ban the game to save its youth from violence. The government has directed top internet platforms – Google, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Microsoft and Yahoo – to immediately take down any links leading to the ‘deadly game’

Reports from players talk about how the game becomes a fun way to end their lives for those of the teenages unhappy and dejected with life. When you tell a depressed person that he can live, and there is hope, they don’t find such words to be realistic. But if someone tells him that he is fit to die, and there is nothing wrong is seeking liberation and suicide is an easier, logical way out, he immediately relates to it. Exposure to such content is extremely dangerous for depressed young people.

The game thus, was successfully able to stir into a sad teenagers’ self esteem and crawled into their conscience in no time. With awareness and thorough research, the links to such content have been blocked from social media now and the world has started to understand perks of destructive online content on vulnerable minds. 

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