The App and Age connection

Age appropriate content for your growing kid 

The age of the tech-savvy has given our next-generation exposure to a variety of online content at a very early age. This exposure includes an array of apps with data suited to a variety of usage. The role of the parent here is to make sure that their child has access to only the online content that is appropriate to their age and mental absorption capacity,helping them keep away from the other information that might not be as suited to them. Growing minds absorb in better and quicker, and this is why exposure to the right content can go ways in helping your kid’s character develop. This article is thus an attempt to guide parents through the age-appropriate milestone and help them understand it better.

Kids aged between 3-12 are the ones more vulnerable to acquiring online misinformation. The variety of intense content of games with bloodshed or violence is proven to have negative effects on the development of a child’s character. Looking at violence gives them direct exposure to learning the wrong acting patterns and thus have been proved to aid the development of aggression in children. The internet also contains loads of vulgar contents of pornography or other adult imageries which should not be exposed to a child at an early age as it teaches him/her to view sexual acts in differet light and also to objectify women/men. Looking at such extremes of acts can have a great impact on your child’s mind and thus it is advised to provide kids online safety while browsing. 

As an alternative, kids can make use of informative and child-friendly apps like the Pikapika to view content that helps them learn. 

Classroom learning forms a big part of what children need to be exposed to. Learning could no be more fun when your favourite app educates your child- with alphabets, numbers and rhymes- all he needs to learn at his age.

Exploring is also another important element of learning. As the child develops an interest to learn more apart from his school textbooks, he needs exposure to content from outside- wildlife, about his country, about the world around him or the outside universe. His knowledge grows this way.

To stretch a child’s mental boundaries further, art needs to be also taught to him. His creativity grows as he is exposed to various crafts, music, dance, diys etc. This can go ways in development of his potentials too. 

A child should also be given fair portions of moral values at the right age for him to understand the world around him better and to act accordingly. 

There are the basic knowledge whose exposure can help you nurture your super-kids and help him step milestones later in life. 

Hope this article was informative. 

Happy Parenting!

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