Screen Touch

A story on Cybercrime and Blackmailing

Michael could not be more thrilled today. That one text could do so much. He finally started talking to Linci- his new online friend. There were butterflies in his stomach and he kept giggling endlessly- she was indeed so adorable, he felt her energy from the texts itself. And the conversations never stopped- they never seemed to get out of things to talk about. That night turned into the morning with them texting each other without a halt. Michael felt an instant connection with her, which was undeniable now. 

Linci seemed like a sweet young lass equally beautiful and smart. She had everything that would make 16-year old boys like Michael go crazy. And this was exactly what happened with him. He felt in love with his friend on the other screen, all ready to swim oceans for her. 

Linci seemed into him too. She kept texting her all the time. When Michael sent her a watch, those perfumes, all those chocolate boxes- she was more than delighted with him. In no time, Michael left no stones overturned to get her happy. The gifts, the cute letters and everything she needed was just a text away. 

No one knew where all that money comes from-except Michael himself. Linci’s demands rose higher by the day- more money, more goods, and more priority. Michael struggled yet his endless love for her, saw no boundaries. 

But there was one thing that kept disappointing him. She would never meet. Though he had seen many pictures of his girl, they never really met. It had been months now but their first date was yet not here. At one point, he grew impatient and stopped talking- waiting for her to change her mind. 

Things took a crazy turn. Linci blackmailed him by trying to hurt herself, not eat or sleep. Michael felt like he had no way out now, other than letting things go on how they were. 

But everything took crazier turns as one morning he finds out how Linci’s profile was not there anymore- labelled as a fake ID. Michael got the shock of his life. 

And there it was, his love story gone in a day, and it never returned. 

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