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The Sure-Signs that your Child is a Videogame Addict

Is there a little gut feeling ruminating in your head of how maybe your little one might be dealing with video-gaming addiction now, and that his addiction developed so quick that you could rarely understand the signs. Now, you cannot stop being worried about him but you are still not sure if he is an addict yet. Look no more, here is a tiny guide for you to identify all the signs better and to really understand if your child is an addict yet. 

  1. He is always busy in his games- The first clue comes from observing if your little one is spending a lot of time playing his games, that considerable part of his day is devoted to only this. Gaming is his favorite task and only hobby in life.
  1. Any other activity apart from his games does not interest him now- The second sign is seeing him not take interest in any other activity apart from his games. Your child used to love cycling or playing cricket but now he no longer enjoys any of these after his new love came about. This can be another sign to consider.
  1. He makes excuses to play his games- How often do you see him cancel plans with his friends or run home from the middle of a party just for his video games? This is not a normal enthusiasm. If he is always making excuses to be near his games and friends or family matter no more, this might be a reason for a little worry.
  1. There isn’t a day that goes by without a game- Does it seems impossible to take him out for a day, away from his games? If your child won’t consider one day without playing all his favorite games, then this is another flag. The regularity he maintains in his playtime is a sign to look for.
  1. Signs of Aggression and Resistense when his games are taken away from him. This sign also speaks a lot about his addiction. Try hiding his games from him for a day and if you see him go absolutely mad, he has a lot of attachment to his games now.

Here are thus the basic red flags to identify in your kid, and if as many as four of these match with your kid, maybe its time to act upon and seek help for your kid to come back from his virtual gaming world.

Happy Parenting Peeps!

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