Children growing up in the world today are almost impossible to be kept away from online gadgets and this counts as one of the top worries that parents seem to not be able to get over with. Eyes sticking to hours of gaming and not connecting to the world around, in itself fills the fear in the heads of parents of their child missing out on its learning process as it spends considerable time of its day eyeing on gaming apps. 

This is far from true that online games only bring damage to your child, but in reality- exposure to the right kind of games can benefit your child in ways you never thought of.

1. They learn to focus- It is of no doubt that children find it very difficult to focus on a single task for a long period of time. Their attention is very difficult to keep and it bounces from one place to another. In such a scenario, playing video games gives your child an interesting trail where they learn to stay focused on one thing for longer time spans.

2. They learn coordination- How often have you felt your brain and your body not working in sync? This is what brain-body coordination is. Playing games can help improve the synchronization of your child’s brain with its actions as he plays the game with his mind but controls the game with his hands and fingers. 

3. Helps in relaxation- It is a misconception that children do not feel stressed or sad. They feel much of these emotions as much as an adult does. In this scenario, playing games can not only relieve them from their day-to-day stressors but also provide them a sense of happiness and thrill.

4. They boost memory- Ever played Grand Theft Auto? Games like these indeed help boost memory power of your child by training them to remember groups of words. This goes on to help your child later in life where it remembers more important things better. How? These games have a series of cheat codes which usually kids keep at the tip of their tongues while playing. This long list is to be remembered and used throughout the game. What an amazing practise.Isn’t it?

5. Positive Reinforcement- Think of how happy your child gets as he wins a game of his favourite car race. This is another great effect that video games have to offer. The positive boost your child gets as he wins or does good in his video games can go a long way in helping him develop a greater sense of self-esteem. Self esteem boost is very essential for your growing kids as much of the issues with self-esteem that young adults face, takes birth at exactly this age. 

There are a lot more benefits to video games excluding the above mentioned. Now that you are educated enough, go ahead and stop worrying- enjoy seeing the smile spread on your little ones face as he plays all his video games today. 

Happy Parenting!

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