Kids and Technology

Teaching your kids the right digital etiquettes

The age of the digital-kids demand that they are taught a lot about technology and the healthy ways to use them so that they keep themselves away from the negatives that come about with technological usage. The right guidance to ensure that they are good digital citizens is going to be very helpful for them through their ages of growing up.

Kids and Technology is a vast topic in itself. It includes an array of topics and rules to use devices and the internet wisely. An important role of parents here is to help their children through, in this process of digital understanding and use.

Here are some ways in which they could do so-

  1. Treat media as you would any other environment in your child’s life- The first step here is to treat the internet just as other platforms your child visits. Try to know his friends- online and offline, keep a check on the websites he visits, the searches he makes and the things he does online.
  2. Set limits and encourage playtime- It is necessary to teach your kids to have a life and enjoy it- which is unplugged. Younger kids particularly, need to be kept away from long hours of technology usage. Alternatively, you need to encourage them to play and have fun outdoors.
  3.  Be a part of their screening time. Co-view, co-play, and co-engage with your children when they are using screens—​it encourages social interactions, bonding, and learning. You get easy monitoring of all their activities and at the same time, you guys could together discover amazing things on the internet to view. 
  4. Make tech-free times and zones- No matter if your kids get access to all your gadgets and have by now mastered its use. Some ground rules might be really helpful to limit their use. Keeping technology away from a kid’s bedroom or the dining area might be some good rules to start with. Make simple rules like no use of technology in the bedtime, so that these rules help to keep your life sorted, undisturbed by tech-addiction.
  5. Don’t use technology for emotion-control-. Media can be very effective in keeping kids calm and quiet, but it should not be the only way they learn to calm down. Children need to be taught how to identify and handle strong emotions, come up with activities to manage boredom, or calm down through breathing, talking about ways to solve the problem, and finding other strategies for the same.

These are thus some basic ideas to keep good monitoring over the tech-savvy kids of today. Hope you find our tips helpful.

Cheers to Happy Parenting! 

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