International Women’s Day, 2020

“We all move forward when we recognize how resilient and striking the women around us are”  
Rupi Kaur


It is indeed of no doubt how the women around us are all beautifully- made specimens of nature, immensely gifted in strength, beauty, brains, and endless love in the heart. The world would never be the same if there were no women. In respect to this, the 8th of March, every year is marked as a day dedicated in appreciation of this wonderful another half marking respect for all the mothers, sisters, daughters, teachers, etc for all of their valued existence.

A child grows up looking at his mother’s face, depending on this lady for all his childhood and infancy.  How better could a picture depict the importance of women than the fact that she brings life on this planet, and also raise the kids till they can walk alone. 

She undergoes endless pain and struggles, bearing a little one inside of her for months. As the new life enters the world, she lovingly gives it her arms to welcome and shelter it. She would look after the child till he grows up and will still be there each time he needs her. This is without a doubt, the purest form of love to ever exist. 

No amount equals what a mother puts in for her child. This International Women’s Day, we shoutout to all the mothers across the world for being able to be strong, brilliant and caring ladies, and keeping the spirits of motherhood in its peaks.

Happy Women’s Day to all the lovely mother’s across the globe!

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